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Choosing Alpaca

Alpaca Insulates better!

Studies have shown alpaca fiber is about 3 times more insulating than wool due to the hair follicle structure. This means you can use an iron on COTTON setting with our alpaca mat.

Alpaca Dries Quickly

The Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away moisture and releases it into the air! When using mist and dry iron, your quilt seams will lay flat and be dry quickly. 

You can hand wash our Paca Pressing Mat with gentle soap if you use starch or a gluing technique. 

Quality is our greatest concern

We have years of experience in selling alpaca insoles made from our fiber that include a stabilizing layer so the insoles don't bunch up under your feet.  

Paca Pressing Mat is compacted enough to radiate heat back up towards fabric and protect the surface of a table... yet light enough to put into the keepsake plastic bag and carry along to classes or retreats for years.